Estwing CCD45 45 oz Polyurethane Deadblow Hammer with 14-Inch Handle

45 Ounce Compo cast Deadblow Hammer has power from within through the movement of hundreds of steel shot for maximum power and control. Steel canister, with steel shot, and steel handle are completely encased in polyurethane, which is oil and chemical tolerant. Eliminates or minimizes denting and marring. Reduces swing fatigue, sting and vibration.



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TEKTON 3190 16-oz. Fiberglass Brass Hammer

TEKTON 3190 16-oz. Fiberglass Brass Hammer

TEKTON 3190 16-Oz. Fiberglass Brass Hammer features: Precision-Machined Solid Brass Head, Non-Sparking Head will not Mar Finished Steel Surfaces, Mirror-Polished, Lacquer-Coated Head, 50 percent Fiberglass Jacketed Handle for Sure Strength, Mallet Face Diameter: 1".

TEKTON 3189 Dead Blow Hammer, 4-Pound

TEKTON 3189 Dead Blow Hammer, 4-Pound

Steel shot inside the head of this specially designed 4-pound dead blow hammer eliminates post-strike rebound common with steel and other solid-head hammers. Controlling this rebound conserves the energy of each blow, redirecting it completely into the work piece. This means fewer blows are needed, reducing the chances of deforming the work piece. At the same time, work surfaces are protected by the high-impact poly jacket that completely encases the head and handle. This jacket gives a positive strike while preventing marring of softer metals like aluminum. The handle is finished with a comfortable diamond tread pattern for a non-slip grip. And don’t worry, it’s backed by the TEKTON quality guarantee. So, go ahead, Take It On.