KD Tools 3984 6, 12, 24 Volt Circuit Tester

This tester is capable of testing continuity up to 24 volts. It comes with an extra-long, sharp, insulated probe for access, a heavy-duty alligator clip for solid grounding, and a stretchable and retractable 12′ cord for long circuit runs.



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Greenlee 5708 GGCI And Circuit Tester

Greenlee 5708 GGCI And Circuit Tester

5708 Style: Hgt:1", Len.:4", Wth:2" (part# 5708) This item features: -Allows instant testing of GFCI receptacles or GFCI circuit breaker protected circuits. -Checks 120VAC grounded outlets for correct/incorrect wiring. -Indicates whether a GFCI will trip at 3, 5, 7, or 10mA. -Voltage: 120.00 VAC. -Type: 120 VAC Power Plug. -Wt.: 1/2 lb. -Price is for 1 Each.

Non-contact Electronic Tester

Non-contact Electronic Tester

Non-contact or contact test on AC voltage, DC voltage, polarity, and continuity

LCD lights with buzzer sound for easy testing

Compact design with pocket clip

Includes batteries and instruction manual